Series Review: A Certain Scientific Railgun

Okay, confession time. How many of you clicked on this review just because it had “Railgun” in the title?

If you did, you’re in good company; that’s the very reason I started watching A Certain Scientific Railgun in the first place. It was only later that I learned it was a spinoff of another anime called A Certain Magical Index, which itself was adapted from a series of light novels by Kazuma Kamachi. Ever heard of him? Yeah, me neither. However, you don’t need to have seen Index to understand Railgun; the latter stands on its own as a highly enjoyable mix of action, scientific intrigue, comedy and slice-of-life. Yup, this show has something for everybody… including Bleach fans, since its second half contains an inordinate amount of soul-crushingly boring filler. Unfortunately, that turns out to be the major flaw that drags down an otherwise awesome show.

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World War II, Now With Zombie Crusaders and Psychic Soviets

The year is 1942. The Red Army valiantly battles the Nazi German invaders for Mother Russia’s future. However, a secret occult order within the SS, known as the Ahnenerbe, is resurrecting zombies from the Order of the Sacred Cross (a.k.a. the Crusaders). With these new Crusader zombies, as well as the prince of darkness Baron Nadya on their side, Nazi victory seems inevitable. The only hope… Russian Military Intelligence’s 6th Division, who is enlisting the aid of Soviet teenagers with superpowers to fight this otherworldly threat.

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