Google Stormtrooper

Danny Choo the dancing stormtrooper was recently spotted at Google Chrome’s one-year birthday bash, posing with the Google Girls and plugging Good Smile’s latest figurines. I guess he figured if he couldn’t join the K-On! band, he’d try for the next best thing… hanging around with 3D girls instead of 2D ones. You’re one lucky stormtrooper, Mr. Choo.

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Empire Suggests Britney For Ailing Stormtroopers

In an apparent move to raise the esprit de corps, the Empire has made it mandatory for Stormtroopers to undergo dance therapy. We have already seen Stormtroopers take to the streets of Tokyo and eagerly dance the Carmelldansen, or mime the OP to K-On!, much to the delight of Empire psychiatrists. Ever a Britney Spears fan, this soldier is ready and willing to show off his moves to the pop stars single “Circus”, albeit in the comfort of his own home and not in the way of peak hour traffic.

The Empire commends you, Soldier! You are working hard to make your workplace a more positive environment! This way you will live to lose another battle with the Rebel scum another day!

A Stormtrooper in Akihabara

A stormtrooper named Danny Choo was recently spotted in Akihabara, along with BBC filming crews. Although the trooper attempted to join the girls from K-On! in a musical number, he was rejected once they discovered the only instrument he played was the “thermal detonator”. Nevertheless, the trooper seemed to enjoy his visit.

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