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Figure Fever: Seena

One of the latest offerings from Goodsmile is the "Red Rose Cavalier" Seena, from the JRPG game Shining Wind. Before I delve any further into bluster about how I have already preordered Seena, it should be known by you, dear reader, that she is based on designs by the well known manga artist Tony Taka. Know of him? You should. A simple google search will "reveal" a huge amount about this fellow and his art. Explore his world, if you will, but be warned: you can never turn back. And don't research his doings while you are at work told. More after the jump...

Anyway, the designers at Max Factory have pulled out all the stops once again in order to produce this figure of Seena, the first of five figurines to be released over the coming months, all based on character designs by Tony Taka. Seena here caught my eye not just because of the usual reasons (that bikini, for one), but because of her grace in this pose. While calling it 'tasteful' is a bit too much for a risque figure designed by Taka-san, it's not as blatantly in your face as the next figure in the Shining Wind series: Kureha.

She is amazingly cute, both in Tony's designs and in sculpted form and I really love her red hair and facial expression. The amount of skin on display is incredibly distracting so I'll finish quickly with mentioning that Seena is available for preorder, with a GoodSmile retail price of 6800yen. If you are like me stuck in the dungeons of the planet then it might take a bit more moula to get your hands on her, but I believe Seena is totally worth it. Now I just gotta play the game as well...

As always, GoodSmile have all the info.

--Images courtesy of GoodSmile and Minitokyo

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