Review: K-ON!! 15

So thirsty... need milk tea...

After a rather awesome episode of K-ON!! last week, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect this time. Would I be bored out of my skull with some more eye candy filler similar to episode 13, or would this show manage to maintain it’s wit and humor? Thankfully, this week’s episode wasn’t a disappointment; it was just as good–if not better–than last week’s. The comedy was entertaining, the story solid and the characters as enjoyable as ever.

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It's all... jiggly...

We begin with the members of the HTT having returned from their summer vacation and starting the next semester. Before they can play in the annual student concert, they must run in a marathon that their school is holding. The entire episode basically shows the girls attempting to finish the marathon. However, what should be a relatively simple athletic event quickly spirals out of control, thanks to none other than our favorite klutz Yui. Just as the marathon is almost over, Yui suddenly vanishes, and the girls then have to backtrack in an attempt to find her. It turns out she tripped and hurt her leg, then wound up drinking tea at her elderly neighbor’s house. After this odd detour, the girls finally finish the marathon in last place.

Sweet victory!

The best part of this episode is seeing the girls do something athletic, instead of lazing around like they usually do. This is a welcome change of pace, especially considering how monotonous the first season was. The great comedy also adds to the fun, as the jokes are just as funny and entertaining as those from the last episode. The ending was especially hilarous and had made me burst out laughing. There’s really not much to complain about here; the characters’ interactions are as funny as ever, there’s barely any filler and the story moves at a pretty good pace throughout the entire episode. Of course, Azusa could have had a little more screentime… but aside from that minor flaw, this episode was great. I’m sure it will please all the K-ON!! fans immensely.

Don't look now, Ricchan, but there are overweight otaku watching us!

All in all, this was a superb episode, and in my opinion just as entertaining as last week’s offering. The only thing I’m pondering now is whether the next episode will be as good, better, or just turn into a flop. Judging from the last two episodes, I doubt we’re in for any major disappointments, but there’s always the possibility of the next one turning into more pointless eye-candy.