Review: Seitokai Yakuindomo 3

Fanservice shot! Literally.

So, this is it. You’re probably expecting me to completely and utterly trash this episode of Seitokai Yakuindomo, based on my rather low opinion of the show thus far. You’re ready to see me go completely insane with anger and nerd rage from the bombardment of overused sex jokes, bad pacing, bland characters, and various other kinds of crap. Unbelievably, that is not the case. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. This week’s episode was actually… good. Don’t believe me? Well, keep reading to find out more…

Any moment can be a Kodak moment.

We start off by seeing Aria and Shino on a school field trip in Kyoto, visiting many famous sites and such. While they tour the city, a new character (whose name I cannot recall) tries to take lewd photographs of them and every other student on the trip. Meanwhile, back at school, Takatoshi and Suzu have to muddle through a crapton of student council paperwork, which they’re forced to finish at home since the council room is locked. Unfortunately, Takotoshi gets distracted by his sister making him to do housework, and resultantly does’t make any progress on the paperwork. Because of this, he winds up at Suzu’s house the next day so they can finish the work together. While alone, they begin to develop something of a rapport…

I'm not buying New Moon for myself! It's for a friend, I swear!

While this episode was better than the last two, it still had its flaws. For example, the beginning of the episode was, once again, nothing but juvenile sexual innuendo jokes. But then, when all hope seemed lost, the episode suddenly started making jokes that *gasp* weren’t about sex! They started to vary the humor, as well as slow the pacing down and actually build up to their jokes. This is a nice contrast to the last two episodes, where they just delivered the punchlines at lightning-speed and didn’t give the viewer enough time to appreciate the jokes. The ending of this episode even managed to deliver two gags that had me bursting out in unanticipated laughter. I won’t spoil them here, but let’s just say that deer humping was involved.

It's exactly what it looks like.

Since this is purely a comedy show, I’m mainly judging the jokes. There was, however, some sort of a strange connection between Takatoshi and Suzu developing near the end… at least, it appeared as such. I wasn’t even positive if it was a romantic or platonic connection, but it appeared as something of that vareity. Despite that small snippet of character development, this episode’s strong suit was its humor. It was a definite improvement over the last two episodes.

It just goes to show that if you give a gag series like this enough time, it can improve dramatically. I’m still in awe as to how this show managed to correct its flaws and deliver an awesome episode. And I here I thought I’d have to pull out the ol’ ranting stick and complain for 3 paragraphs. Well, I’m happy to be wrong.

Consternation! Uproar!

When you get down to it, this really impressed me. I was almost certain this show would flop and I’d drop it. But they managed to mix up the humor enough to entertain me, and not make me want to rip every last hair off the next blind kitten I find on the street. I gave this show a chance, all that waiting finally paid off. Seitokai Yakuindomo, I give you the “Konata’s Seal of Approval” badge for your drastic improvement. I’ll definitely be tuning in next week!

Approved by Konata