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Panty & Stocking OST Sneak Peek

There is no doubt that Panty & Stocking has a great soundtrack. In my opinion, we have not been graced with such epic anime music since the halcyon days of Macross Frontier. Fans of the show have been so desperate to get their hands on this music that they've resorted to using Audacity to remove the voice tracks from the show's transformation scenes, just to get their "Fly Away Now" fix.

I guess Gainax likes seeing us suffer, as they've decided to tantalize us with this little preview of the upcoming OST release.

Much to the chagrin of everyone, the actual soundtrack does not come out until December 29th. You can preorder it from CDJapan here.

So, any guesses as to who this mysterious Corset character is?

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  • Anonymous

    Love how the Album art has them covered in jizz. Oh Japan, you so crazy.

    • Well they were parodying American cartoons, which is obvious in the first couple of episodes, but it eventually gets so bats hit crazy I don’t know if they’re even doing anything anymore lol. Like what was up with vomiting point? Great episode, but whaaaat??

  • Hopefully it’s something else like … oh Gawd……
    Well I guess I’ll have to look into ordering this..
    I hope there’s a “B” Issue with a tamer cover…

    • This is Panty and Stocking. Ain’t no such thing as tame.

    • Kei

      Nothing from Gainax is ever tame. They don’t know the meaning of that word.

  • My guess: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Scanty and Kneesocks with Corset? Also: Sequel series?

  • ???

    Hey GAINAX I heard you like money

    P.S. thanks for linking the cd japan site.

  • Somehow, this really reminds me of the kind of funk I saw out of One Outs except with a heavier dose of electronica. Really debating over whether I should preorder this one, but if one thing’s for sure, the style that it uses is certainly not boring!

  • I think this will be the first OST I’ll have genuinely wanted from the start. D:

  • Seems like average electronica with some moans to me. Meh.

    • Kei

      Really? Sounds more house to me… in the vein of Daft Punk. Maybe a bit of techno, dance and pop too.

  • ???

    This nearly makes up for OreImo’s craptastic “stuff we found on garage band.”

    Maybe even Squid girl’s aural rape of an OP, but only if Technodildo delivers

    • Kei


  • Corset’s the mayor. I’m pretty sure of it.