Haruhi vs. Invader Zim!

This fan-made trailer for a Haruhi vs. Invader Zim crossover has been making the rounds recently.

It’s quite well-made… I hope this inspires somebody to make a full-length Haruhi/Zim mashup. A recent Lotte ad has also been quite popular lately, claiming that their new Acuo gum gives you fresh breath powerful enough to transform ordinary people into Haruhi characters.

Man, I wish MY cat would turn into a sexy catgirl. Where can I buy some of this gum?

Doctor Who Gets Animated In Fan-Made Short

I honestly didn’t think I’d see the day when British sci-fi was combined with the stylings of late-80’s Japanese animation, but then Paul “OtaKing” Johnson decided to do just that. Johnson is working on animated short based on the adventures of the third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee.

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