Bakacast Episode 4 – This Is Absurd

Okay, we took about 3 weeks to release this episode, but it’s twice as long as the others. So it’s almost like we’re on time!

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We kick off our news segment with Funimation’s decision to censor the Dance in the Vampire Bund DVD’s (which they quickly reconsidered), followed by short discussions of Media Blasters’ layoffs and whether the American anime industry should just die. Paul “Otaking” Johnson’s fansub documentary closes out the news and provides us with a topic Ryoko, Shamisen and I can agree on before we start arguing about The Wings of Honneamise and Cromartie High School.

Next time: Project A-Ko! Casshern Sins! And punctuality (maybe)!

Doctor Who Gets Animated In Fan-Made Short

I honestly didn’t think I’d see the day when British sci-fi was combined with the stylings of late-80’s Japanese animation, but then Paul “OtaKing” Johnson decided to do just that. Johnson is working on animated short based on the adventures of the third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee.

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