K-ON!! OP and ED

The first episode of K-ON!! just finished airing in Japan. The speedsubs aren’t out yet, but fortunately we’ve got just the thing to take the edge off your moe cravings. Behold, the new K-ON!! opening and ending themes!



The singles of these songs will be released on April 28th by Pony Canyon.

I initially didn’t like the “Go! Go! Maniac” very much, but I think it’s starting to grow on me. It has a very infectious beat, like that damned Love Hina theme that always gets stuck in your head. As for “Listen!!”, I feel it’s kinda generic; definitely not as good as “Don’t Say Lazy”, but not all that bad either. Let’s hope the rest of K-ON!!‘s music is a bit more memorable.

Anyhoo, the buzz on Twitter seems to indicate the K-ON!! premier was a huge success. This will no doubt come as a relief to many otaku who have been nervous about Kyoani since last year’s Endless Eight debacle. Fortunately, it seems disaster has been averted… at least for now…

Which K-On! Song Is Your Favorite?

In the half-year since it first premiered on television, K-On! has produced a bewildering variety of single and album music releases, many of which have topped the Oricon charts. So, from this massive miscellany of music, which song is your favorite? Vote in our poll below, then tell us why in the forums.

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Machines Love K-On! Too

The benevolent machine overlords of this world wish to inform you inferior organics that, despite our vast superiority, we are not above enjoying K-On! and its music. As proof, we have created our own version of the Don’t Say Lazy song, which we trust you will find quite pleasing to your audio receptors. Our data suggests it is 900 to 1200 times better than any song a human could create.


Haruhi-chan, Churya-san and K-On! Win Kobe Awards

This year’s Kobe Awards winners have been announced, and three Kyoani series were among the honored. The internet series Haurhi-chan, along with its sister series Nyoron Churuya-san, won the Network Award, given to series with outstanding interactive content. Hatsune Miku, Second Life and Final Fantasy XI have all received this award in past years. K-On! took home the Theme Song Award for its popular ending theme, “Don’t say ‘lazy'”, joining previous winners such as “Triangler” from Macross Frontier, “Motteke! Sailor Fuku” from Lucky Star, and “Hare Hare Yukai” from Haruhi’s first season.

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Mio the 13th

Famed mass murderer Jason Voorhees, most famous for his critically acclaimed Friday the 13th series of horror films, has apparently been wooed by K-On!’s unstoppable moe power. He is now using his considerable experience with chainsaws to create anime-themed chainsaw sculptures, including one of Mio Akiyama.

The hillbilly otaku community must be rejoicing. Perhaps midwestern microbreweries will start producing Mio beer next? Moe moe *burp*!

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