Machines Love K-On! Too

The benevolent machine overlords of this world wish to inform you inferior organics that, despite our vast superiority, we are not above enjoying K-On! and its music. As proof, we have created our own version of the Don’t Say Lazy song, which we trust you will find quite pleasing to your audio receptors. Our data suggests it is 900 to 1200 times better than any song a human could create.


Suzumiya Haruhi Endless Summer MAD

If you are frustrated with the multiple repetitions of the ‘Endless Eight’ arc then this is the MAD for you, created by nikoltxxx. Relieves the tension in the shoulders with a nice soundtrack and a well stitched overview of the arc so far. Go watch! Music is ‘Secret Base’ by Zone.

Endless Eight Still Endless (UPDATED)

The chatter on 4chan and AnimeSuki seems to indicate that this weeks episode provides no conclusion to the Endless Eight arc. We’ll wait for official conformation from more reliable sources, and report it when it comes. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Random Curiosity now confirms it. With its fifth episode, Endless Eight remains endless. Cue fan outrage in three, two, one…

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