Bakacast #279 – Space Asshole


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Yeah, this guy looks legit.

We’re finally done with this marathon of a season, and we’ll soon be testing out our new review system so we won’t get nearly as worn out as we did this time. In the meantime, we rave about the endings of One Punch Man, Owarimonogatari, Noragami and Planetes.

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Time Index

  • 01:50 – One Punch Man 12
  • 06:00 – Ushio to Tora 25 & 26
  • 11:25 – Utawarerumono 12
  • 15:04 – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 12 & 13
  • 23:58 – Noragami Aragoto 12 & 13
  • 36:56 – Concrete Revolutio 12 & 13
  • 40:39 – Owarimonogatari 12
  • 49:07 – Garo: Crimson Moon 11
  • 53:13 – Ghost in the Shell: New Movie
  • 1:13:15 – Planetes 23 – 26
  • 1:19:58 – Listener questions
  • 2:03:02Space Asshole (by Chris Remo | Idle Thumbs)

Bakacast #254 – Put On Your Angry Face


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You can’t say no to Kusanagi’s angry face.

On this episode of Bakacast, Luke gives us our long-awaited review of Triage X. Unfortunately, it is not nearly as ridiculous as Highschool of the Dead. But then, how many shows truly are?

As far as the reviews of the (mostly) not-terrible shows go, we love Jotaro playing tag with a vampire, we hate Shirou continuing to harp about ideals in the middle of a much more interesting battle, we’re divided on how well Arslan is telling it’s story, we have no idea what Punch Line is doing anymore, we’re afraid that Sidonia is going to some very dark places soon, and we’re as super-stoked as the Logicomas to be hanging out with Motoko Kusanagi again.

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Time Index

  • 01:14 – Luke Reviews Triage X
  • 23:57 – JoJo: Stardust Crusaders 47
  • 27:46 – Seraph of the End 11
  • 31:10 – Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 23
  • 34:20 – Blood Blockade Battlefront 10.5
  • 35:05 – The Heroic Legend of Arslan 11
  • 47:28 – Ore Monogatari 11
  • 53:15 – Punch Line 10
  • 57:47 – Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches 10
  • 1:03:06 – Knights of Sidonia S2 10
  • 1:11:49 – Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold 5
  • 1:12:56 – GitS Arise: Alternative Architecture 9 & 10
  • 1:24:25 – Listener questions
  • 2:04:04 – Anata wo Tamotsu Mono (Maaya Sakamoto | GitS Arise)

Is Anime Doomed?

Editorial Comment

Could we be living in the last days of anime? One industry insider seems to think so.

This article featured on ANN is from an interview with writer Dai Sato, credited with writing episodes for Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell. He paints a rather grim picture picture of the decline and death of anime within the next few decades.

Sato dismissed the idea of “Cool Japan” and complained that much of the in-between animation work in anime is outsourced to people in other countries, who may not be aware of or invested in the work itself. Similar to director Hayao Miyazaki, Sato criticized politicians and other who promoted the image of Cool Japan for their own purposes. Sato also decried series that were more about escape than about confronting real problems, and proclaimed that the anime industry in Japan is a “super establishment system” rather than a creative force, focused more on characters and on merchandise. He suggested that manga was “the last hold out,” and that if manga was lost then anime would not last without it.

While this reflects one person’s opinion, there are others who think the industry is growing. However given the subpar offerings for the summer 2010 season I can understand the reasoning behind Dai Sato’s statements.

Read my own opinion on this after the break.

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