Girls’ Generation / F(x) ‘Chocolate Love’ (MV)

This year we are celebrating Valentines Day a little differently. The song is called ‘Chocolate Love’ something near and dear to those who want something special on valentines day. These two examples are also indicative of chocolate as well, Light and Dark. Enjoy, and from all of us. Happy Valentines Day.

Haruhi Valentines Greeting

Idolizing Girls’ Generation…

A slight change of pace on my behalf as I sit here in a superheated room without any means of cooling. Summer has arrived here and I have been roaming the countryside with friends, with many hours behind the wheel. I must of heard this particular song about 30 times over the past few days, and am now becoming quite hypnotized by the video clip. Take a look for yourself.

This particular song is called GeeGee by Korean pop-idol group Girls’ Generation. Since I am pretty music illiterate (always forgetting the song names or artists etc) I haven’t discovered Korean or Japanese pop-idol music, let alone western counterparts. In this case both song and clip are very catchy….agree?

–Via Youtube

Uncanny Valley, Thy Name Is Miku

Have you ever heard of the uncanny valley theory? It states the following:

As a robot is made more humanlike in its appearance and motion, the emotional response from a human being to the robot will become increasingly positive and empathic, until a point is reached beyond which the response quickly becomes that of strong repulsion. However, as the appearance and motion continue to become more distinguishable from a human being, the emotional response becomes positive once more and approaches human-to-human empathy levels. —Wikipedia

Basically, the idea is that we tend to find things that too closely resemble humans, but are clearly not, repulsive. So, for example, a stuffed animal or anime moe girl, due to their stylization, would be considered cute and likeable. A zombie or dollfie, however, would not.

A group of Japanese scientists with the YAMAHA corporation recently debuted their HRP-4C Miimu robot, and decided to dress her up like Hatsune Miku and have her ‘dance’. The result, visible in the video below, falls squarely in the lowest part of the uncanny valley.

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The Quest for the Domo-kun Slurpee

I recently read on ANN that 7-11 had begun offering Slurpees and other products featuring NHK’s famous mascot, Domo-kun. Like any self-respecting otaku, I knew I had to see this for myself. After a protracted battle against my hikikomori nature, I managed to undertake the quarter-mile trek to my local 7-11 in search of the legendary Domo Slurpee. This is what I found.

(I apologize in advance for the crappiness of these photos. My camera kung-fu is not strong.)

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Weird Japanese Ads

Japanese television is rife with unusual advertisements for a variety of products. Here are some of the stranger ones from recent months.

First up, we have dancing, singing kiwifruits that want you to eat them.

Want to sell ramen? What better way than with sexy naked ladies, tastefully censored by giant ramen cups?

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Aya Hirano’s First Dragon Ball Appearance

In the 21st episode of Dragon Ball Kai, Gohan and Krillin stumble across a small Namekian village under attack by Frieza and his men. The village elder bravely defends two children… and can you guess who they are?

Still don’t know? Here is another clue, taken from the ending credits…

That’s right! It’s Dende, voiced by Aya Hirano (Haruhi Suzumiya) and his brother Cargo, voiced by Satomi Satou (Ritsu Tainaka). Our favorite voice actors have made their Dragon Ball Kai debut! Unfortunately, neither Dende nor Cargo get any lines in episode 21, and Cargo is killed by Dodoria in episode 22. However, Dende does get a few brief lines in 22 after being saved by Gohan. A short clip of that scene, featuring Aya’s unmistakable voice, can be viewed below.

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Kaiju Alert: Giant Rubber Duck Spotted In Osaka

Osaka, which is no stranger to kaiju (giant monster) attacks, has fallen under threat from a new, horrible menace; a unnamed kaiju which takes the form of a rubber duck. This monster was reportedly created by mad scientist artist Florentijn Hofman in France. Although it has been spotted in other cities around the world, this is the first time it has menaced Japan.

More photos of the giant duck can be found below.

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