Akiyama Mio On The Brain Part Two

Recently I posted about a new K-ON! figure of Akiyama Mio, and upon reading you may have sensed, through the marvels of the interweb, my prolific drooling. Well prepare for another onslaught as Kyoani have finally posted colour pictures and opened up preordering for this 1/8th scale lovely, retailing for 8,000 yen. More after the jump.

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Do You Have Akiyama Mio On The Brain?

Okay, its been a few months now. My over inflated negative opinion on K-ON! has cooled a bit, such that now I can just appreciate the sheer merchandise cash cow the series has become. Even now, Kyo-ani are still milking away furiously with calloused fingers producing memorabilia like K-ON! backpacks. However while a lot of these products are just sheer wastes of  hard earned moula, this new figure of Akiyama Mio is drop-dead gorgeous. More after the jump.

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Christmas Will Come Early For Hirasawa Yui Fans

Alter has finally come to the party for K-ON! fans by finally posting release date and sale price information on its up and coming Hirasawa Yui figure. She’ll be out this December, retailing for 6,800 Yen, making this an easy Christmas present for some…

Let me first say that I am not a fan of K-ON!; the series left me unsatisfied and to be honest I was bored at episode 5. However, my love of figures allows me to appreciate that this new release from Alter ranks about an 8.0 on Chris’ figure epic awesomeness scale…

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