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“Boo Boo Kagaboo” FAIL

Posted by Chris

Words fail me.

First Kadokawa humiliate the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu they wish to ruin my Kagami as well. What the hell is this? BooBoo Kagaboo? How is it possible that there is a doujin with this...this...ugly PIG thing as protagonist? And it is supposed to be a parody of tsundere queen Hiragii Kagami? SACRILEGE!


Vocaloid Kagami En Route!

Posted by Chris

Just a short post to convey my general feelings of happiness on this day. After a 3 week wait (not a long time by any standards but still arduous for moi) YesAsia has just notified me that my Vocoloid Kagami Figma has been shipped. She is on her way. My Kagami idol in vocoloid cosplay (not of her will if you remember, watch the Lucky Star OVA if you don't) has become very popular and as such there is a bit of demand. Nevertheless, the wait is over and hopefully she will be here in a few days.

On another note, a good friend of mine came across the Lucky Star-Macross figures on Ebay, the shock of which nearly killed him. The entire set can be bought for US$330, figures, plushies and all. Anyone willing to cough up that kind of money?

Photo courtesy of GSC.


Lucky Star Girls Destroy Mind With Macross Cosplay

Posted by Chris

Sometimes in life an event just knocks you over, completely leveling all logical thought, leaving you babbling incoherently until you do something to alleviate the problem. This mental jaw-drop occurs for me whenever I see these new figures of the Lucky Star girls I adore cosplaying as characters from another favorite anime, Macross Frontier. Moe blindside delivered right to the eyes.


Lucky Star Figma Fever: Summer Vs Winter?

Posted by Chris

You know that glowing feeling you revel in after going to an anime festival? Well that lasts only a month unless you have something real to show for it. In this case, I was happy to come home from Manifest with a few Good Smile Lucky Star Winter Version Figmas to complete my collection. Was not really my intention to buy them, but am sure glad I splurged. However, the lovely Good Smile Company has decided to release a new range of Lucky Star Figmas in order to continue tempting absolute fan boys like myself. Now that all the girls have been announced, the only thing holding me back from acquiring is my potentially fatal lack of money...


Christmas Will Come Early For Hirasawa Yui Fans

Posted by Chris

Alter has finally come to the party for K-ON! fans by finally posting release date and sale price information on its up and coming Hirasawa Yui figure. She'll be out this December, retailing for 6,800 Yen, making this an easy Christmas present for some...

Let me first say that I am not a fan of K-ON!; the series left me unsatisfied and to be honest I was bored at episode 5. However, my love of figures allows me to appreciate that this new release from Alter ranks about an 8.0 on Chris' figure epic awesomeness scale...


Canaan Good Smile Figure

Posted by Chris

The Good Smile Company have outdone themselves once again with this 1/8th scale of the svelte assassin Canaan, from the anime series of the same name. And would you just look at her!


Wedding Bells for Ryoko: Mari Plugsuit Figure by KaNa

Posted by Chris

Hello Gorgeous!

I know at least one resident of this forum will be idolizing you! And it easy to see why...

From Neon Genesis Evangelion, this figure by Bandai/KaNa depicts Mari Illustrious Makinami in her extremely hot pink test plugsuit. First impressions are that, yes, this figure is quite the awesome. Alluring pose, suit colour and she is wearing glasses~!! Yet unfortunately there are niggles...

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Nyoron Churuya-san Nendoroid

Posted by Chris


First off, I am not a fan of Nendoroids, as I've never really got into the whole 'chibi' thing. However, for those out there that enjoyed the YouTube miniseries The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan, Goodsmile is willing to come to the table with a new Churuya Nendoroid. Churuya comes with all the extras you see in the photos so the lucky purchaser can faithfully create her signature 'Nyoro~n' pose, of which is the only thing she really is memorable for...


Summer is Coming!

Posted by Chris

Yes, for those of us in the southern (and superior) hemisphere, Summer is on its way! Discounting the fact that it is currently summer up there in Japan and those "other" countries, Goodsmile have brought out a new range of Lucky Star Figmas.


Kotobukiya Haruhi Figure Review

Posted by Chris

My personal world of figurine worship has just become a whole lot more awesome with the arrival of the Kotobukiya figurine of Haruhi Suzumiya. I have had my eyes on this figurine ever since she was released to the drooling market in October of 2008, and indeed my initial thoughts are “She is awesome”.